How to Fold a Pocket Square

How to Fold a Pocket Square

A complete guide for gentleman to learn how to wear a pocket square


Learning how to fold a pocket square is a great skill for men and women alike, as this timeless accessory is hotter than ever. Not only does it make you look elegant and sophisticated, a pocket square also injects a dash of personality and individual style to your outfit. It’s the perfect way to finish off your suit with a flourish, or add a splash of color to your jacket.

Details matter. Especially in formal wear. Knowing your options where details are concerned gives you a sartorial edge that will only help you look your very best.

There are several ways to fold a pocket square and, like everything with men’s formal wear, each way sends a little different message. Below we’ve listed 8 of the most common kinds of pocket square folds, and a little about what each means.

The most important rule when wearing a pocket square: Make sure you’re comfortable and feel fantastic wearing it.



                                                       The Flat Fold                                                                                            The Puff Fold 


                                                        One Point UP                                                                                            Three Stairs


                                                   Three Points UP                                                                                     The Rose Fold 


                                                  The Winged Peak                                                                                      Four Peaks

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