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My dear customer:

We launched this new version website on July. The new website has higher stability and reliability technical support. You can get easier and more friendly shopping experience through it.

Since the user management system is totally different than the old one, we have transfered your user ID to the new version website. But your old password which been used in the old website is invalid now. We have set a new temporary password for you. The new password is totally the same as your user ID. You can change it to your own as soon as you log in.

For example, your user ID in the old version website is abcd1234, you can use this user ID to log in the new version website. Please do not use your old password. The user ID is abcd1234, the password is abcd1234 as well.

For example, you can log in as the image shows:



Enter your user ID and password in this page. The user ID is totally the same as your password.


And change your password when you log in successfully.




If you have any problem when log in, please feel free to let me know. I will resolve it at once.


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